Plastic Products

Plastic products are extensively used for day to day use in Singapore. Plastic products for Singapore industry are lightweight, cheap, long-lasting and convenient to use. Many businesses are supported by plastic products in Singapore. Here are some ways how plastic products in Singapore are of big help: Plastic Containers – Plastic shopping carts are required to aid customers get items they wish to buy. Plastic Crates are needed to keep items like vegetables, water bottles, fruits and milk packets stored.


EXT: Ø593 X 685 (H) - MM

INT: Ø530 X 600 (H) - MM

Plastic Trolleys

Featuring optimum durability and directional stability, these plastic trolleys can now be availed at Sin Ee Sheng Import & Export. These plastic trolleys can easily and safely move containers from one place to another. Other features include high quality smooth running wheels and brakes as well as robust construction with high load capacity.


620 (L) X 430 (W) X 160 (H) - MM




685 (L) X 406 (W) X 170 (H) - MM



Plastic Lockers

Our company offers wide array of plastic lockers which are widely used in numerous industries such as leisure, retail, sports, hospitality businesses. The plastic lockers are available in numerous designs like double box design, single tier plastic locker, double tier locker and likewise triple tier locker. These are extremely much huge and can be helpful in saving your individual things with ease. The plastic locker is simple to preserve and clean.


Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are available in a wide range of applications in various fields of food industry that are designed to meet the hygiene requirements for food contact. Sin Ee Sheng Import & Export offers various types of plastic crates such as beverage crates, milk crates, heavy-duty collapsible crates, stackable crates, folding crates, etc.


EXT: 910(L) X 680(W) X 522(H) - MM

INT: 850(L) X 620(W) X 479(H) - MM


EXT: 1100(L) X 800(W) X 690(H)-MM

INT: 1010(L) X 710(W) X 560(H)-MM


EXT: 1100(L) x 800(W) x 600(H) - MM

INT: 1010(L) x 710(W) x 560(H) - MM